Colored Diamonds of Great Rarity

"Adamas" is ancient Greek for diamond. What makes each diamond in The Adamas Collection as exciting, interesting and precious as the next is the unique combination of those complex factors that comprise the character of that individual stone. Size, color, cut, proportions, finish, symmetry and clarity grade, plus its balance of color intensity and lightness — all contribute to the overall impact of the stone. Relative scarcity simply multiplies the cachet and value.

Colored diamonds, thousands of times more rare than the white, or colorless diamonds that set the standard in jewelry, are also much more interesting than their colorless counterparts in geological terms. To impart color in gem-quality diamond deposits, it takes an extraordinary confluence of circumstances. And each different color requires a different set of complex occurrences. Diamonds are indeed a rare and remarkable phenomenon. Colored diamonds are 10,000 times more rare.

Experience the Beauty of Colored Diamonds

The most fascinating thing most viewers comment on when first seeing The Adamas collection — and even on repeated viewings — is the invariably surprising beauty of the individual stones, each cut to maximize its weight, structure and cleavage characteristics, but also to realize the depth and diversity of colored refractions possible. Serious colored diamonds are traditionally cut and burnished only by the most senior and skilled craftsmen, in a profession where few even make it through the front door. Each gem rewards the eye as a unique work of art. And that is precisely what they are.

Although even a random assortment of fine colored diamonds looks impressive, each stone comprising The Adamas Collection has been selected to complement the others, making this a true collection. The effect of the whole is certainly greater than the sum of its parts.

Note: The Adamas Collection and its suppliers have been most diligent to avoid "conflict" or "blood" diamonds, which arise from, and help fuel, the civil wars in a number of African countries.