Brown & Chameleon Diamonds

Imagine diamonds the color of champagne bubbles, sparkling as they rise up in a crystal glass; or the shade of warm cognac, catching the light at every angle. Or even the sheen of honey and caramel, butterscotch and chocolate, silkily diaphanous as they glow.

It is not at all surprising that these diamonds should be found in the Kimberley region in the northwest of Australia. Champagne diamonds were created by over 3 billion years of geologic pressure. The compression of the diamond lattice network by tremendous forces deep within the earth is said to have created these gems.

Chameleon diamonds are certain natural green diamonds that react to heat or dark storage by temporarily changing color, often becoming bright yellow. This color change is short-lived as the diamond soon reverts to its stable color. Most specimens observed in gem laboratories show even color distribution, aiding in the dramatic transformation, and both color changes are documented on laboratory reports.

The Adamas Collection features a rare pear shaped chameleon of dominant green color, a brownish olive diamond in a beautiful emerald cut as well as a large cinnamon-colored brown diamond in an attractive hue.