Pink Diamonds

The term pink diamonds, or "pinks" as they are casually referred to in the diamond trade, indicates any diamond that has an inherent pink body color. All diamonds that have an inherent pink body color belong to the pink color variety.

The process of producing a natural pink diamond involves the incredible coincidence of extreme pressure and ultra high temperatures deep in the earth's mantle/crust region. There must also be an available supply of carbon atoms to form the diamond structure along with minute quantities of nitrogen atoms in the surrounding earth and a directional shear stress (rather like squeezing a deck of playing cards) that is applied by the earth to the diamond crystal while it is in the semi-solid state referred to as plastic deformation.

In addition secondary colors, such as purple, brown and orange, can occur in subtle amounts in natural Fancy Intense pink diamonds.

The Adamas Collection has two outstanding pink diamonds on display, one rare intense purplish pink diamond, the second a deep, rich pink with slight shades of orange cascading throughout the stone.