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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to examine and photograph the coloured diamonds in your collection. I think the name Adamas Collection is very appropriate given your Greek heritage.

As you know, every coloured diamond collection is a unique ensemble of colours, sizes and shapes, representing each collector's personal taste and preference for certain colours, shapes, and cuts. In looking at your Adamas Collection I am struck by the diversity of colours you have selected, especially the multiple modified colours (i.e., diamonds with two colour modifiers) such as Fancy Dark brownish greenish yellow and Fancy Deep brownish yellowish orange stones, as well as your interest in collecting some of the less well know, and less commercially popular colours that are touted in jewelry ads.

In the natural world, nature has presented us with many colour variations in diamonds, some obvious and others subtle, which the commercial market often overlooks. I think one of the strengths of your collection is to encourage viewers who are familiar with certain so-called "popular" diamond colours such as pure yellow, pure pink and pure blue, to take a second look at that incredible diversity that nature has bestowed on diamonds.

As you develop your collection in the future, you can begin to compare and contrast diamonds that you are considering for your collection against the existing ones, eventually building a unique diamond "colour puzzle" within certain areas of colour. For example, you have an excellent display of "milky" white diamonds showing considerable variation in translucency, and a beautiful display of "autumn" orange diamonds that have considerable differences in hue and saturation.

As with any collection of rare items, the element of time is a factor, as well as finances. This suite of diamonds, or "mini-collection" as some might say, represents a combination of patience, skill, personal taste, and a bit of good luck on the part of the collector.

Best regards in your efforts to expand this collection in the future, and I wish you success in finding a museum to display your collecting achievement for others to enjoy and learn from.


Stephen Hofer
Author: Collecting and Classifying Coloured Diamonds

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