New Additions to the Adamas Collection

Release date: 
Monday, 31 January 2011

The Adamas Collection is proud to announce the completion of an acquisition of one of the most important private colored diamonds collection from North America, which has been assimilated with the current collection to create one of the most impressive collections of colored diamonds in the world.

The new stones that have been added to the collection include a rare 1 carat pear shaped Fancy Intense Blue Diamond, a very special one carat Deep Purple Diamond, a 1 carat Argyle tender Intense Pink Diamond a rare grayish Violet diamond in an amazing oval brilliant shape and many other rare and unique pieces to create what many are saying is the most interesting array and spectrum of colored diamonds ever assembled in one collection.

The Adamas Collection At the GIA Museum in Carlsbad, California

Release date: 
Monday, 31 January 2011

The Adamas Collection is proud to announce that the GIA museum is displaying this one of a kind collection of gemstones in one of their main pavilions at their flagship museum in Carlsbad, California.

This special collection of rare colored diamonds in unique color combinations, sizes, shapes and saturation levels has been selected as one of the foremost collections to represent and educate consumers and admirers of the rare colored diamond market at the GIA museum.

The collection will be viewed by thousands of visitors throughout its one year loan period.

Oppenheimer Crystals

Release date: 
Friday, 27 May 2011

We are proud to announce that the Adamas Collection has been given the unique opportunity to be displayed with the Oppenheimer diamond crystals, which was a gift to the GIA from Sir Ernest Oppenheimer.

These seven crystals range in size from a few carts up to 20 carats and have various representations of colored diamonds in the rough.

The contrast between the various colors, sizes and shapes in the Adamas Collection is a beautiful compliment to show the process behind which diamonds are polished and faceted into finished products.

The GIA has decided to put these two important collections together for as one of the showpieces for their International Gemological Symposium.

A picture of the crystals is on the GIA page.